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We offer customized services for every individual’s need. We provide acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure, massage, nutrition counseling, stress management and weight loss. Our services include:

“Acupuncture is well known by the Western medical community as the treatment of choice for many conditions, including pain, depression, anxiety and stress.” “Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine based on ancient Chinese teachings and practiced in more than 150 countries.

According to the Western medical community acupuncture is safe and provides relief from pain and is used by thousands of people everyday who suffer from various ailments. Acupuncture is the use of specific pressure points to treat illness and it is a natural, noninvasive technique that has been used by the Chinese since centuries.

“The clinic was established in Denver, Colorado in 1977 and became part of Rocky Mountain Health in 1984.In that time the clinic has grown tremendously, and today is a leading provider of wellness care in Rocky Mountain states, specializing in natural health, traditional Chinese Arvada medicine and acupuncture.The main focus of the clinic is to provide health care services to the 80005 Eastern communities.We take pride United States of America in 303 386 3559 providing quality health care at reasonable prices and offering personalized service.

We recognize that a large majority of our patients are not receiving the quality care they deserve from the western medical community and we are striving to provide a more holistic approach to western medicine. We aim to provide a holistic approach in providing the most current scientific knowledge to Western Medicine and in addition we strive to provide information to educate people about the benefits of acupuncture. “Western Natural Medicine”.Our patients are Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine also provided with education and referrals and are able to compare our services to the standards of the western medical community. In addition, we provide free consultations and evaluation and free consultation scheduling in order to find out if acupuncture is the right treatment option for you and your condition.

These clinics are staffed by Licensed Practitioners, licensed Acupuncturists, Certified Chiropractors, certified Physiotherapists, certified Nursing Home Technicians and qualified Certified Acupuncturists.We do not Colorado utilize a staff of unskilled labor or use drugs, chemicals or dangerous equipment in any form of our services. All of our staff is highly trained and well-trained and follow up on every appointment to ensure that your treatment is as efficient as possible

Acupuncture Clinic In Rocky Mountain, Chinese Medicine ClinicArvada Chinese Medicine And Orie ...